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S&P Group is a onestop solution for decentralized finance with focus on long term partnership and growth.
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S&P Group is a crypto consultancy, marketing and investment group. At S&P Group, we focus on being the perfect long term partners for decentralized projects to raise their capital and provide them with plan and strategies for successful, low-cost marketing.

Quality Services

World class quality with impeccable integrity and working ethics, S&P Group puts their clients at the utmost priority.

Valuable Ideas

A team with 2+ years of cumulative experience in numerous projects working towards one goal, proven success for your project.

Budget Friendly

Optimal marketing and fundraising strategies to deliver excellent results at the lowest possible cost.

Our Services

We have in-house marketing channels and strong relations with the most influential Kols in Crypto space. We offer you a fast and low-cost listing on CoinGecko, CoinMarketaCap CMC, and CEX, Telegram Group Calls, AMAs, Upvoting, Shilling, as well as YouTube, Twitter, Instagram TikTok Influencers. We also help you in identifying Blockchain  problems and guide you to fix them.


Marketing that can raise any amount


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Community Engagement


Trending Services

Trending Services Like Dextool, Coinmarketcap, Coingecko, Avadex etc

Token Listing

Fastest and cheapest Token Listing.

Web Designing

Quality Websites in a good budget

Marketing Channels & Strong Relations

This new world of Blockchain Technology will eventually grow out to become a global financial system. With years of experience in investment coupled with close connections to highly influential people in the space, we bring credible and meaningfulrelations to the table. We focus on giving the most optimal strategic advice and guidance to our clients engraving their path to success.


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